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b) Technological platform

Regarding the base platform the following main characteristics are planned:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure, based on open-source technologies, adopting relevant standards and based on OSGi (see figure bellow)
  • Incremental pool of services, knowledge, and other resources (scalability characteristic).
  • Supporting the notion of extended product - combination of physical product with a set of linked support services (e.g. maintenance, remote diagnosis, remote user assistance, training, ...). A product model will become available in the Service Provision Space as a single entry point for product-related information and services along its life cycle. The product support virtual enterprise will naturally be linked to this product model.
  • Besides the cloud-based platform, the environment includes two main (virtual) spaces:
    • Collaborative solution space - where new products are developed / customized (co-creation/mass customization) through the interplay of the various stakeholders (product development virtual enterprise)
    • Service provision space - where models of products and associated services are kept along the product life cycle, supported by the product support virtual enterprise.