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d) GloNet Interoperability

Interoperability of enterprises is a strategic issue, caused by the  continuously growing ability of integration of new, legacy and evolving systems, in particular in the context of networked organizations.  GloNet addresses this issue by synchronizing Legacy-Systems via a Synchronisation-framework, which ensures data-interoperability with any external system (Legacy-system and SaaS-system as well) with the GloNet SaaS-Platform.

The basic idea is that two (or more) systems based on intelligent state-comparison initiate adequate change-operations for both systems. Therefore both systems have always a correct and current view on the shared data.

The Framework includes the Synchronisation-logic. For different Legacy-Systems applicable Plug-ins will be developed, where change-operations and change-requests are implemented for each system. These Plug-ins will be able to communicate with a variety of legacy-specific technologies (i.e. COM, web-services or SQL-database access). In general the Synchronisation-logic is running on-site (of the legacy-system) and calls for the specific service in the cloud.