3. Project aims

  • developing a novel way to commonly represent/provide the information and knowledge (e.g. catalogue of products, brochures, process descriptions, best practices, company profiles, etc.) which needs to be shared/exchanged among different stakeholders in this collaborative environment as dynamic software services that may upgrade in time
  • generating user-customized interfaces which dynamically adjust to different stakeholders, supporting their access, search and visualizing needs
  • providing these services through the cloud, to be available to anybody, at any time, from anywhere
  • demonstrating how a broker in very close contact with the customer who gives an order, can iteratively retrieve all needed information to step by step design the customer order and finally presenting the solution that is accepted by the customer
  • supporting the negotiation among all involved parties
  • generating a workflow from the accepted/negotiated solution, which will then be automatically monitored, while also available for monitoring by the involved stakeholders, during its execution
  • the automatic monitoring aims will forecast potential risks, and will suggest  prevention measures to the broker during the execution of the order. The project results are expected to bring major improvements in production and product life cycle support processes shortly after the conclusion of the funded project, with initial commercial solutions leading to wealth creation through a competitive market position and added value generation.

Main Scientific - Technical Objectives:

1. Reference model for collaborative manufacturing and service provision networks
2. Architecture for collaboration and service provision support platform
3. Cloud-based platform
4. Business Services to support customization and product life cycle
5. Industry validation pilot
6. Guidelines for foundation of collaborative innovation and customization networks